Thursday, 18 August 2016

Trailer ~ 19 days and counting...

I've finally gotten around to setting up a blog to keep track of my travels. It's kinda hard to believe that in 19 days I'll already be on my way to New Zealand.

My decision to spend a year doing work & travel down under came - like most of these things - from a mix of various things. New Zealand has interested me ever since I was little, being the one place almost on the absolute opposite side of the globe. Back in the day, I never thought I'd actually travel there one day.

Another thing that spurred my decision were the positive experiences I took home from my semester in the USA. Granted, I had bad luck with the families back then, but I experienced a lot of personal growth as a result. I wonder how this trip is going to change me. For the better, I hope.

Also, my everlasting quest for a suitable mate probably played a part in that decision as well. Willing to travel to the far ends of the world to find a girlfriend? That's me! Well, it probably won't work out that way. It never does. That's for stories. But I'll try anyway. Because that's me. =^,^=

The final factor has been the work climate in my last company deteriorating to a point where I suffered a burnout, and was consequently fired. Things happened, fangs were bared, and in the end, I left with a nice big chunk, relatively unscathed. Since I now have some free time on my paws, I figured this might be the opportunity I've been waiting for - especialyl considering that I need to be younger than 30 to participate, so time has been ticking anyway.

One way or another, I'm going to be off. Kia Ora, New Zealand! =^,^=

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