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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Travelling Fox Blog ~ Book III

A lonely fox who ventured out into the world to find a place where he belongs…

…he never found that place,
but he learned to fly by his own strength,
riding the wind wherever he chose to go…

The Travelling Fox Blog ~ Book III ~ The Long Way Home

By now, I've been almost all over the world. Counting the vacation trips of my childhood, as well as my semester at a high school in Knox, Indiana, I have hard claims on four continents, and soft claims on one. South Africa alone eludes me entirely, and I would certainly not mind turning my soft claim on Africa into a hard claim.

Anyway, before I go any further, maybe this is a good enough time as any to take a look at all the countries I've been to thus far.

Wow… looking at those flags I realize two things:
  1. I've already been to quite a number of different places
  2. Flag designers obviously have no phantasy. I mean seriously, there is, like, one flag in that entire bunch that does not use red, and the combination of red, white and blue is used so often that it ought to be prohibited by international law to add any more flags in that overused colour scheme. I mean, if I were to create an abstract national flag, I'd make it instantly and universally recognizable by using an unique colour scheme and pattern. For example how about a black-bordered magenta triangle outline atop a wavy mirrored turquoise horizontal stripe with a black outline on a field of silver with alternating magenta and turquoise triangle corners?

But I digress. Back to the places I've been to. That just covered the countries. Now, let's have a look at the islands I've been on thus far, categorized by size. Can you recognize them?

Now that I've made an account, I give to you the premise of the third book, which covers my journey back from Japan to Germany. In essence, I want to do two things before returning back home:

  1. Complete a full round trip around the world
  2. Visit all permanently inhabited continents that I have not yet visited

As thus, I have now planned two additional months to accomplish this feat, with one month in South America, and another one in Africa. Specifically, the places I am going to are Brazil and South Africa, resulting in my route home to end up looking somewhat like this:

What amazing adventures will await me on this final journey? Stay tuned and you are going to find out soon, in the third book of the Travelling Fox Blog!