GDPR Privacy Statement

By the new GDPR law, I am required to make you read the Silly Privacy Statement. That statement doesn't really contain anything unexpected or surprising to people used to the internet, but by accessing and reading this blog you agree that you've read these statements and agree to how this blog uses your data.

On a related topic: If you say something to somebody else, the brain of that person might store the information you told him/her not anonymized and without your explicit consent and use it against you at a later time, and if you leave your house people just might see where you go and what you do.

The Silly Data Privacy Statement

General Privacy Statement

By accessing this blog you agree to the following terms and conditions concerning the acquisition and usage of data. Our website can generally be visited without the need for registration. Data such as for example visited sites, links or accessed files as well as date and time of such actions are saved on the server for technical and statistical reasons. This data is not directly connected to your personal data. Personal data, especially name, address or e-mail address are - if at all - acquired on a voluntary basis. Data will not be forwarded to third parties without your explicit consent.


This blog uses cookies, which are small data files saved on your computer by your browser to optimize site performance. By accessing this blog you agree to the use of cookies. You can delete the cookies this blog saves on your computer at any time by taking web-browser specific action. For how to delete cookies in your preferred browser, please refer to the browser's documentation or help section.

Google Analytics

This blog uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage statistics such as the operating system, browser and version used to access the blog, the country the blog is accessed from, and the site from which the blog is accessed. This data is collected completely anonymously and can't be connected to your person. By accessing this blog, you agree to the anonymous collection of this statement.

e-Mail Subscription

It is possible to subscribe to this blog by e-mail. This is entirely on a voluntary basis. If you do, the e-mail Address will be saved by the blog, and you will receive an e-mail notification whenever a new post is published. The e-mail address that was entered is completely anonymous, and it won't be used for anything other than sending you aforementioned notifications about blog updates.

Mission Statement

It is not the goal of this blog to collect any kind of information. With this blog, I want to share my experiences of travelling the world with my friends, family, and whoever else reads this blog. Any data gathered by this blog, cookies used and other things that fall under the scope of the GDPR are automatically provided by the framework of blogspot, and were not implemented by me personally. As such, the responsibility for any data that the framework of blogspot or google gathers through this blog without my intent, consent or knowledge lies with blogspot respectively.

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