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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Emergency Update ~ In the Path of the Storm


Today, Japan was struck by Great Typhoon N°21, the mightiest instance of Ocean Death that struck the country in 25 years. I don’t know the exact extent of the damage this storm caused throughout the country, but I imagine it has to be considerable.

Those of you who have been following my whereabouts on the sidebar might be rightfully worried, for my current whereabouts in Nagahama indeed left me directly in the path of the storm. This emergency update is to assure all of you that I am alright, and unharmed.

However, the Great Typhoon N°21 still hit this area with considerable force, causing widespread power outages. Never mind that I am easily 100 km inlands, and that the Typhoon had to pass over all of Shikoku and several mile-high mountain ranges to get here. I am writing this using the last of my trusty laptop Liete’s battery and posting it via my tri-Comm’s mobile data.

Despite all this, I am happy that neither I nor anyone of those I'm currently living with got hurt. There was some minor damage in the neighbourhood such as ripped-off gutters and blown-away fences, but considering the force of nature we were dealing with, I am considering this a very lucky outcome.

My journey will continue shortly, on Thursday morning, and I am not expecting it to go off perfectly. This cyclone is bound to have damaged some railway lines, so when and how Ill eventually arrive at my next stop is still a mystery. I will eventually provide you with the full details of all of this in Chapter 12 of the Travelling Fox Blog, so stay tuned, and be of great cheer everyone!

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